Other Plastic Products

Plastic Abhiyanta offers Sabic Inovative Plastic make "LEXAN" Polycarbonate Sheet

Products Range

"LEXAN" Solid (Compact) Sheet.
Single layer, clear and opaque products based on Lexan* and Ultem* sheet

"LEXAN" Thermoclear Multiwall Sheet.
Versatile Lexan* Thermoclear* multiwall sheet for interior and exterior architectural applications.

"LEXAN" Corrugated Sheet.
Unique patented corrugated panels used for roofing, skylights or for storm protection.

"LEXAN" Margard Coated Sheet.
With proprietary hard surface coating, on one or two sides, which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and weathering.

"LEXAN" Film.
Coated Film, Graphic Film, Flame Retardant Film Display & Optical Film, Security/ID Film

"LEXAN" Thermoclear Sheet Systems.
Multiwall sheet systems portfolio for flexible glazing solutions for industrial roofing and building facades/cladding.

Plastic Abhiyanta is Eastern India. distributor of Dinesh Plastic Products "DPP" Brand Thermoplastic Valves.